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Kentucky Highlands Innovation Center

KHIC Innovation Center provides a space for our community and local businesses to grow, meet, and collaborate. From providing a desk you can use for a day, space for meetings and workshops, to expert support in a wide range of business topics, KHIC assists entrepreneurs in creating their life’s work.

Enabling you to be surrounded by like-minded individuals, the KHIC Center environment inspires and encourages growth. Take advantage of seminars and programs to accelerate your skills in marketing, business finance, legal, accounting, and strategic planning, among other topics.

Together with Kentucky Highlands Investment Corporation (KHIC), we can help your business access financial support through loans and investments to accelerate growth and help you achieve success. KHIC provides support in 22 Southeastern Kentucky counties by providing commercial loans, as well as equity and housing investments with federally guaranteed loans.

We would love the chance to work with you – and for you – to ensure your success. Contact us today to begin your journey to the top.

The Kentucky Highlands Innovation Center (The KHIC Center) is a 6,600 square foot facility in Laurel County housing a variety of office and meeting space. The center is designed to promote growth of new and developing businesses, specifically in science, technology and knowledge-based fields.

Businesses have opportunities to become a KHIC member based on their maturity. Membership will provide access to a range of tools and assets.

The KHIC-start programs are designed to provide business owners with a comprehensive set of training courses and personalized assistance that develops their business into stronger, more profitable organizations.

For business owners, there are many ways to finance the start up or expansion or their companies. While debt investments are certainly an option, equity investments through trustworthy corporations give entrepreneurs comprehensive financial assistance, and resources that can lead to stability and success in their businesses

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